fringe scarf tutorial

SO… in my “things i love” post, i included one of my favorite websites, ps i made this. i now have a list of things to try out. i started out with this amazingly simple fringe scarf and thought i’d share a tutorial with you. i swear, *anybody* can do this. a five-year-old could do it. as a matter of fact, it would probably be a fun project to do with your kids!

start with a t-shirt. i like the design on this shirt, but i don't really wear it, because it just looks blah on me.

start by cutting your shirt across the middle. you can make this as big as you want. the bigger the piece, the longer the fringe will be.


save the top part for a later project. turn your cut piece upside down so that the hem is at the top. begin cutting 1-inch strips starting at the raw (cut) side, stopping a couple of inches or so from the hem at the top.


here's what it will look like when you're finished cutting the strips.

start pulling and twisting the strips. you don't have to pull very hard to stretch them out, but the more you twist and pull, the better they look. 🙂


keep pulling and twisting the strips to make the fringe...


...and voila! a fringe scarf. you could wear it long or off the shoulder...


...or you can double it over like a traditional scarf. it's a little bit rock & roll, right? 😉

i hope you try this project out!  like i said, it’s super easy. if you can cut, twist, and pull, you can make a fringe scarf! i’ll be back another day to show you what i did with the remainder of the t-shirt. happy wednesday!



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