things i love tuesday…

eek! i had a little computer mishap on friday. it fell, and my screen went kaput. i had been gathering little things here and there for my “things i love sunday” post, and now…well, i don’t have them anymore. but i need to give you a things i love post, since i’ll be out of town next weekend (yay disney world)! so here are a few things i’m loving this week!

1. p.s. i made this is an amazing site that gives great ideas and tutorials. the motto is “i see it. i like it. i make it.” check out the youtube channel here for live tutorials. they’re so easy, you’ll find yourself making a long list of things to make! i know i did…

2. the gorgeous paintings by local artist mclean sheperd. i’m in love with her work.

3. yogurt mountain. yummm.

4. looks like a great day to me! one of my fave movies

image via we heart it

5. this is basically what we’re learning in my painting class. my professor takes such a *different* approach to teaching. at first, it doesn’t seem like he’s teaching us anything. but then…you leave class to find you’ve learned so much.


6. i still want to dye my hair a bright, pretty color. the problem is, i sort of like to blend in. i don’t like people staring, and i don’t like to be the center of attention. if i’m going to stand out, i want it to be for something i did. but colorful hair is just so pretty! i want. 

image via we heart it

7. boots n gus makes some really cool lighting fixtures out of found items like tupperware containers, molds, and mason jars. how cool! hop on over to etsy to take a gander at their truly amazing fixtures. they’ve also got tons of vintage items for sale.

8.  such a fabulous yet simple workspace! found via lonnymag.

9. i love hdr. i need so badly to learn photoshop so i can make my pictures lovely, but i have the attention span of a gnat.

image via we heart it

10. the sharp wit and eternal good looks of cary grant in pretty much every movie in which he appears. he is, by far, one of my most favorite actors ever.


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