friday five.

since i’ve been busy lately, i haven’t kept up with my things i love sunday posts! so i figured that i’d do a quick mini-post via friday five while i’m waiting for my next class to start. 🙂  here are five things i’m in love with right now.

1. this song gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. if it sounds familiar but you aren’t sure where you heard it, it might be because it was featured in the preview for where the wild things are.

2. records.

3. the absolutely *gorgeous* weather we’re having today. i think it’s expected to be this nice all weekend! 😀

4. this painting i did last week while experimenting with my professor’s advice: “don’t repeat elements in your painting. you wouldn’t write a book using the same word over and over. the same goes for painting.”

5. haha! this gives me a neat idea…



  1. Love the painting for class! The colors are amazing! I find myself attracted to abstract or expressionist work with bright colors. Saw something in Southern Living today with a painting by a local artist Mclean Sheperd, love her stuff!

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