a new/old motto.

so the best way to do absolutely anything in this world, be it big or small, is to take it one day at a time, right? it’s something i’ve told people time and time again, but why have i not applied this to my own life? at any given time, i feel like there are eleventy billion things running through my head, and about three-quarters of them are things i want to do. and when i want to do something, i want to do it *now* before i forget or lose interest. lately, i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things i want to do versus the smaller amount of time i now have to accomplish said things. so…i’m backing up and telling myself…

made that nifty little “banner” myself. cute, huh? i may print it really large & hang it somewhere very visible. anyway, here’s my plan. i’m really, really bad about trying to do multiple things at once. for instance, watching a movie with the hubster while trying to crochet or paint at the same time  (i have a hard time sitting still for too long without something to occupy me or concentrate on). i’m making this a new “feature” on my blog. it’s all about accountability, folks! i’m going to report back to you with my daily tasks, whether it’s a whole blog post, a tutorial, or just a mention in another blurb.

what i’m going to do is make a little schedule of sorts. starting today, i’m writing down just one thing i want to completely accomplish (not just start and set aside when something else comes to mind) each day. today’s task is a big one. i’m going to–gasp!–clean my art room. i really love using my room to write or do projects, but i’m a messy artist/crafter. there’s just…stuff…everywhere. when i really get into something, i don’t stop to clean or organize along the way. so things end up staying where i left them. not a good thing in a room that’s supposed to nurture my creative side. lol

so i’m going to get this done today. i will do it!!! and then maybe that will inspire the hubster to help me finish decorating the room (putting the laminate on my countertops & getting the wallpaper for the *one* wall that needs it–not that big of a job. lol).

even now, my mind wants me to decide what i’m going to do tomorrow so it can have something to look forward to. but no! i’m not allowing it. i’ll just start thinking about the next thing and want to go on to it instead, and then i’m back in that circle without even starting my “one day at a time” life. heh… so, without further ado (read: procrastination), i’ve got pandora radio providing the background music, i’ve got coffee, changed into a grubby t-shirt, and put my hair up into a ponytail, and i’m off to get things accomplished!  xo


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  1. I do hope my comment doesn’t distract you from your task but when you are organized you should make an inspiration board of sorts where you collect your ideas for projects and pick one at a time to do. You’ll never run out of inspiration if you follow your motto. (love the banner, btw)

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