monday, monday.

i had a kuh-RAZY day yesterday. it was overwhelming and weird, to say the least. so since i haven’t done “ten things i love” yet this week, i went around my house and found ten things that cheer me up (for lack of a better term).  here we go:

1. one of my favorite movies + a cup of tea = loooove. 


2. new painting supplies!  i’m not as nervous about thursday this week! i have a new idea for a painting, and i need to finish my other one, so i’ve got plenty to work on.


3.  my ever-growing record collection


4. these gorgeous ephemeral valentines i found at barnes & noble! 


5. cuddles with my dog lola


6. sharpie collection 😉


7.  my art journals


8.  getting comfy with a good book


9.  lovely classic movies


10.  a nap is always a good thing. 😉



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