ten things i love

so i haven’t done lovely sundays for the past couple of weeks because of the 11 in 2011 posts. but i’m back this week with ten lovely things to show you!

1. i want some of these books. found them on hilda grahnat‘s flickr account. apparently, they were a flea market find! i want to visit whatever flea market she does!

2. this is from rag & bone’s fall 2010 collection. tartan style! i love it.

3. charbonnel et walker’s pink champagne truffles? yes, please! you can find them here.

4. organizing by color may not be the most convenient way to store books, but it’s certainly the most aesthetically pleasing way. 🙂

(image via seesaw.)

5. beer savers silicone beer bottle caps. these are such a “duh” invention, but so ingenious a the same time.

6. there aren’t words for how cool this is. via magnolia pearl. their website is just so pretty to look at.

7. i love crocheting. i’m so excited that i got the guts to try making stuff other than scarves or blankets. hats, gloves, and headbands are so much easier, because you don’t have to worry about even edges like you do with blankets. i love this hat. it was so amazingly easy to make, but it looked like something i’d buy at target or urban outfitters! i gave it to my friend becca. 🙂  i’m going to make another to put in my etsy shop.

8. this is so funny!

9. gorgeous tulip dress by kelsey genna on etsy. wouldn’t it make a unique wedding gown? especially for an outdoor wedding.

10. my new camera lens arrived on friday!!! i took about a billion pictures of mundane crap around the house. lol. and then my sister came over, so we did an impromptu shoot in the front yard. (if you like her cute yellow fascinator cap, i made it. heehee)


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