um…day twelve?

now i super suck. days ten and eleven passed right by without a second glance, and i didn’t do my 11 in 2011 posts. and now it’s the twelfth. buuuut i can still do the topics for those days, right? right. it’s my bloggy, and i make the rules around this place. 😉

day 10: favorite girls night out events

i have two favorite things to do on girls’ nights out. the first is going out and trying a new restaurant. one of my best friends and i love trying new things. we’re a lot alike, and we like a lot of the same stuff. trying new foods is something we both love. it wasn’t a girls’ night out, because the hubster was with us, but we recently tried a new-to-us restaurant downtown called blossom. it. was. amazing. i highly recommend. it’s a beautiful place, and the food is outstanding. all three of us were extremely happy with our food, and the service was top notch. it’s lovely.

my second favorite thing to do on girls’ night is to go see live music. the last time we went for a music gno was to see ok go at the music farm. it was, honest to goodness, the BEST live show i have ever seen. hands down. and i’ve been to a lot of concerts. here are a couple of pictures from that night:

the three of us with damian from ok go! it was after midnight, so he sang happy birthday to foxycleopatra! pay no mind to the chick showing her boobs in the background...


day eleven: what are you looking forward to in 2011?

oh my gosh, i’m looking forward to so many things this year. spending more time with friends and family, being back in school after a semester off, taking more studio classes now that all my general ed. stuff is out of the way (i start painting 1 tomorrow! eep!), and many, many other things. my therapist put a little idea in my head today that made me go “hmm…”  she was gushing about how much she loves my art journal (i showed it to her back in september, i think, and she’s still going on and on about it), and how she told all her colleagues about it. i was floored by how impressed she was, because i’m kind of self-conscious about stuff like that. i only showed her because she asked me about keeping a journal, etc. she said she was going to recommend it to some of her patients.

SO. today, she asked me if i was still doing my art journaling, and i said yes. then she asked me if i’d ever thought about teaching classes. there’s no way that ever entered my mind, because, as with most things i do, i feel that i’m not good enough. but she had sooo many awesome ideas. like calling places that teach scrapbooking and stuff, or retirement homes or support groups. so i’m mulling things over…we’ll see if i get the guts to actually do anything.

what are YOU looking forward to most in 2011?


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  1. how about a group of 8 4th and 5th grade girls? That would be amazing for our girls circle group. Next week the girls have to take a flower and list their positive qualities on each petal- instead of using the ugly paper in the manual it would be really cool to have them start an art journal!

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