day eight: favorite healthy snacks

one of my favorite snacks is a mini babybel light. it’s a tiny round of cheese that only has fifty calories and three grams of fat. it’s a yummy way to get in a serving of dairy.

a snack i’ve always loved is actually a drink, but it’s really filling. i love v8 (the regular kind). two servings of vegetables per can (the size of a soda can), and really tasty. 🙂

one way that makes it easy to get in the one carbohydrate and fat i’m supposed to eat daily is a toasted multi-grain english muffin (8 grams of fiber!) with peanut butter. verrry good.

i also really like sugar free popsicles or fruit. plain or vanilla yogurt with blueberries and/or strawberries is another of my faves. if you add actual healthy granola to yogurt with berries, it’s like the fruit & yogurt parfait from mcdonald’s, only healthier. hmm…what else? oh, i love nectarines!


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