days 6 and 7…

i suck. i forgot to do my 11 in 2011 post yesterday, and i very nearly forgot today! so here’s a double post for you. the topic for day six was “best organization tricks.” i used to be immaculately organized and neat. i used to clean all the time. for some reason, that is no longer the case. i mean, i really do like organizing. i love separating things and putting them in their own little places. it’s the staying organized part that’s difficult. so i suppose the best tip i can think of for organizing would be to keep up with it before it gets out of hand! hee hee…

here’s some really cute inspiration for organizing:

a really cool way to organize your shoes and keep them from getting damaged.

a sneaky tactic: keeping things monochromatic can make them appear more organized than they really are. 😉

hanging a shoe organizer inside your pantry gives you a lot more storage!

this is one of my favorite tips, because i rip millions of magazine pages out and save tons of photos on my computer that inspire me. filing them all in inspiration binders is a great way to keep them easily accessible and nice and tidy. and much easier to rifle through when you’re looking for a specific idea!

(all images via we heart it)

day 7: favorite memory of 2010

this was a really hard one. i have a ton of amazing memories to choose from. but one in particular makes me really proud. in may, a group of my writer friends and i decided that we would meet in athens, georgia, to see a bobby long concert. i’d never met these friends face to face. we met online through our mutual interests in writing, and we often work together for motivation, encouragement, and advice. here’s the thing: i struggle with generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety. it was a lot of fun to plan the trip and talk about meeting, but when it came down to a couple of days before i left, i got really nervous. i often lean on my husband for support (almost literally) in social situations. he has a really dynamic personality, never meets a stranger, and it’s easy for me to hide behind him. driving to the hotel athens (a four and a half hour trip) and meeting my friends for the first time face to face was incredibly nerve-wracking. it’s always the anticipation of something that makes me most nervous. once they all got there, though, everything was fine. they’re all such great, lovely gals, and i love them to pieces! we had a really great time. i’m so proud of myself for doing that on my own and not backing out because i was nervous. i’ve made some wonderful friends.   ❤



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