day 3: favorite workout tips

it’s day three of 11 in 2011, and today’s topic is “favorite workout tips.”

since starting p90x last year, i’ve actually learned a LOT about what to do and what not to do when trying to get healthy/lose weight. the number one thing that i’ve been doing all these years that is completely WRONG? eating less.

in order to lose weight, you actually need to eat *more.* unless we’re talking about french fries and cake, that is. 😉  it’s all about keeping yourself from being hungry by eating the right foods more often. i’m sure you’ve all heard that it’s better to eat small meals throughout the day rather than three big ones. i’ve always done that. i get full quickly, but i end up getting hungry again two or three hours later. but i’ve never been good at eating the right things all the time. will power’s never been my strong suit…

when you’re working out, you have to eat a lot of proteins. they keep your energy up and help you keep your workout more efficient. super especially with an extreme workout like p90x, or even if you’re including running in your new year’s resolution!

my eating plan while working out (which has been totally shot during the holidays…but i’m back on it today) is as follows:

5 proteins (e.g. eggbeaters, turkey bacon, veggie burgers, lean means, etc.); 2 veggies (this is super easy to get in if you like v8!); 2 dairy; 1 carb; 1 fruit; 3 snacks (two of which are a protein shake and a protein bar); 1 fat; 1 condiment.

it’s actually quite a lot. i sometimes struggle to eat everything i’m supposed to each day. i can really tell if i haven’t been eating right. the workout is much harder.

so that’s the workout tip that’s made me SO much more successful in my weight loss goals. once i started eating more regularly (even though i was already trying to eat more healthily), the weight started coming off so much more quickly. try it! even if you’re getting great results with your workout plan, you’ll get even better results.



    1. lol! i used to *love* yoga, but i’ve come to hate it lately. it used to be relaxing and lovely, but the p90x version is HARD.

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