day 2: favorite holiday memory.

i’m participating in 11 in 2011, hosted by kit from a step into my life and and mj from teaching in heels. for the first eleven days of the year, there are specific topics about which to blog. yesterday was new year’s resolutions. today’s topic is favorite holiday memory.

my favorite memory is more of a whole lump of them. i really love and cherish all the little christmas traditions we have in our family. every year, the hubster, sis, and i get matching or coordinating pajamas for christmas eve/morning. hubs and i spend the night at my parents’ house, and get up early to open presents.

later in the day, we gather with my mom’s side of the family. the best part is watching the kids open their presents. we really don’t have “little ones” left on that side anymore!  the oldest is eleven. i suppose it’s my cousin’s and my job to start the next generation of grandkids, but to that i say, “pffft. don’t get your hopes up. not anytime soon, at least.” the next best part? chinese christmas! (also called dirty santa or white elephant christmas.) it’s always fun and filled with laughs.

we celebrate with my dad’s family the next weekend day after christmas, since a few family members have to travel a little bit to get here. since christmas was on saturday this year, we gathered the day after. again, the most fun part is to watch the little ones open their presents. we have more little ones on that side. 🙂  the next generation of cousins. lol

obviously, the most important thing in the world to me is family. times with loved ones are my favorite holiday memories. i wish we were able to spend christmas with both of our families, because we really miss a lot with the hubster’s side. i love them as much as my own! the very first time i met them was at christmas. that was definitely intimidating! hahaha…but they’ve always made me feel welcome and loved.

we were also lucky enough to spend christmas with great friends this year who didn’t have family nearby. we consider them part of our family anyway. 😉

what are your favorite holiday memories or traditions?



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