my face is all scrunched up in this picture, but my sister and i took at least twenty trying to get jumping shots. lol

i hope everyone had a great new year’s eve! mine was lots of fun– spent with family, eating oysters and other yummy things, and sitting beside a bonfire. we had our champagne toast at midnight and watched a little bit of times square on the television. i can’t imagine how exciting it would be to be there for new year’s eve! i’d love to go someday.

i don’t believe in making new year’s “resolutions,” but i do believe in setting goals. i started making my goals for 2011 last week. some of them are small, and some of them are pretty big. i think i’ve got a lot to work on this year.

1.  send birthday cards and thank you notes regularly.

2. drop two more pants sizes by june (shouldn’t be too hard…back on p90x hardcore as of monday! i’ll also be walking a LOT downtown for school.)

3. at least one restyle project each month.

4. be proficient at sewing (i need an idiot-proof sewing machine. willy’s 1970s models aren’t cutting it for me…)

5. edit my novel and have it ready to present to potential agents by november. (this one’s a huge job.)

6. finally finish my art room. we painted three walls pink when we moved in five years ago, and willy did the counter & built-ins. i’ve been waiting all this time for the wallpaper for the fourth wall. i’ve found several that i like, but for some reason or another, we’ve just never ordered it. i sort of want to forget the wallpaper and repaint all the walls gray, but i hate painting walls. so i think i’ll stick with the original plan. 😉  now that the majority of my classes will be studio classes, i need a nice place to work at home that isn’t messy and disorganized.

what are your goals for the year?




  1. My idiot-proof machine is a brother CS 8060 & I love it!

    My goal this year is to lose enough weight to have a healthy pregnancy so that we can maybe give Corgan a sibling in 2012!

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