my year in pictures.

well, it’s new year’s eve! i don’t know about you, but i’m ready and excited to celebrate 2010 and watch 2011 roll around tonight. i thought i’d do a little look back at 2010 in pictures. we did so much traveling and tried so many new things this year!


we started the year out in texas with willy’s family. so much fun! i love his family as much as my own. ❤

new year's even 2010! willy still had his beard. heehee.

while we were in san antonio, we took our niece to sea world. so fun!


we went skiing with friends in north carolina. it was my first time ever! i didn’t do so well, though…heh…

real, actual snow! we hardly ever get to see snow.

our good friends josh & becca. poor becca broke her tailbone when she fell off the snowboard!

pouty face! i’m no good at snowboarding or skiing. i didn’t know snow was so slippery! silly me.

just when i started loving snow, we actually got some!! over three inches worth! i built my very first real snowman.


school was in full swing, and i had my very first photography class. loved it. here’s a scan of one of my final project photos.

signs of spring were everywhere!


hubster, sis, and i went to disney world! we also had easter dinner at my aunt’s house and went to georgia for our cousin’s first birthday. ❤

sitting on a bench, waiting on a bus to take us from the magic kingdom to epcot!

hiding easter eggs is almost as much fun as it was hunting for them as a kid.

our cousin's baby, alexis, turned one in april!


i met some girlfriends in athens, georgia, to see bobby long at the 40 watt club. later in the month, we went back to texas for our cousin’s wedding! it was so beautiful!

le sigh... bobby long, how i adore thee.

the gorgeous bride and handsome groom!

our beautiful nieces ❤


the first part of the month was very sad. we lost mimi (hubby’s grandma, who was more like his mom), and we traveled to texas and oklahoma for her memorial. it was lovely to hear all the stories the grandkids told and remember the fun times with her.

the second part of the month found us in north carolina for a family reunion. we visited the biltmore estate, which was amazingly beautiful.

we spent the fourth of july in austin

the "back yard" at the biltmore estate.

biltmore estate


the hubster had a three-day weekend for some reason or another. he came home one day and suggested we take a short trip to new york city. um, yes please! i’d never been before, and i fell in LOVE with it. so many amazing things to see and do.

the metropolitan museum of art. i thought i'd died and gone to heaven!

the hubster took me to tiffany & co. and bought me new engagement/wedding rings! i was *so* surprised! i had some sort of weird reaction to my original ones, and my finger was so swollen i had to have them cut off. :/ i still can't believe the amazing surprise.

i love this picture.


we went to nashville to visit friends–another place we’d never been! we had a wonderful time there. for some reason, i don’t have many pictures. i guess they’re on my old hard drive.


the fair was in town! we also saw band of horses at the performing arts center, but i don’t have any pictures from that either. :/

i love petting zoos. animals are so adorable.

hubster and sis in a fun house!


we did a lot of fun things in november! at the beginning of the month, one of my besties, my sister, and i went to see OK Go at the music farm. best. concert. EVER. we snuck back in afterward and got to meet damian. since it was after midnight, and officially my sis’s birthday, he sang happy birthday to her! it was awesome. the hubster and i also went on a cruise for my 30th birthday! p.s. i still don’t feel thirty.

picture taken by the band from the stage. they’re so interactive with their fans!
us with damian kulash of ok go. he is so cool!

colorful houses in curacao



my sis and i spent a good portion of december doing crafts and stuff for christmas gifts. we made soap, necklaces, and scarves. christmas day was spent with my mom’s side of the family, and we celebrated the next day with my dad’s side (since people have to travel, it’s always easier to celebrate christmas shortly thereafter.

in front of our tree, wearing the gryffindor scarf i made for my little cousin

my gifts! i got tons of books!

our little cousin alexis in the cutie hat we got her

our aunt got my sis & me the cutest aprons!

2010 was such a great year. i hope 2011 will bring just as many new friends, new adventures, and fun times.

happy new year!!


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