project re-style!

i am so, so excited about this. two of my favorite bloggers, elsie from a beautiful mess and rachel from smile and wave, have started a really fun project.

it’s all about restyling old, used, and unwanted items and turning them into something beautiful! you can read the rules here. i encourage you to join! all you have to do is sign your name under the comments, join the flickr group, and start restyling (also called upcycling).  i love making old things reusable. it’s budget-friendly and environmentally conscious. 🙂

one of my goals for the year (which i will list in a separate post later) is to restyle at least one item per month. i already have my first two projects mapped out. we have two ugly lamp bases, one of which is broken, that i want to paint and make pretty. i’m going to cover some lampshades in a fun fabric to match. maybe i’ll use them, or maybe i’ll put them in my etsy shop… i was also just thinking last night that i really need a big bin for my yarn scraps and one for my fabric scraps. so i’m making a trip to goodwill soon to forage for something i can use to make some cool storage thingies.

go check out the project restyle guideline and join in the fun!


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