things i love sunday.

1. watercolor illustrations by caitlin mcgauley. they’re so simple and beautiful. check out her blog for some daily nyc sketchbook entries.

2. a pretty updo with an accessory like a huge flower. so gorgeous!  via vintage life online magazine.

3. i love old-fashioned magazine/newspaper ads. but really, who the hell can move like this in a freakin’ girdle? lol. i’m fairly certain no woman is this ecstatic while wearing a girdle.

4. oh-my-god-are-you-kidding-me-beautiful bridal shoes by emmy shoes. these make me think of the great gatsby.

6. pin-up girl art from the 1950s! my sister gave me a book of taschen pin-up illustrations for christmas a couple of years ago. 🙂

7. rag wreaths! i love how you can make these to suit your own style. you could make them eclectic or traditional. i’m going to make one after christmas using bits of old clothing. i like the mixed-up eclectic look. 🙂  i also like this fleece one, though.

8. etsy has a new tool called taste test. it’s so cool! you pick your favorite items from sets of pictures they present you, and then they show you a whole page of awesome stuff that’s just your taste. one of the items i got in my set. i love and want it! (find it here)

9.  i really love dresses and tops that have pretty details and cut-outs in the back. i think clothes should be just as interesting in the back as they are in the front. i like this vintage dress from kind boutique.

10. my most favorite movie of all time: meet me in st. louis. did you know judy garland didn’t even want to make this movie? she was tired of playing the role of the average young girl. her future husband vincent minelli (liza’s dad, of course!) convinced her to do it. and i’m so glad she did. it really is an amazing film. if you’ve never seen it, you really should. it’s magical. the song “have yourself  merry little christmas” was written for this very movie. 🙂  “roses are red, john’s name is truitt. esther’s in love, and we always knew it!”  teehee.


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