“congratulations, you’re an idiot.” and a little with/without/covet mixed in.

so i went to this workshop thing at the college of charleston yesterday, where i’m transferring the 60 credits i earned at the 2-year college here. i did it that way so it would be (much, much) cheaper.

i will admit that i left c of c eleven years ago on academic probation. i had sort of a traumatic experience, and then some issues that ensued that i really wasn’t aware of. i didn’t really realize how much it had effected me until years later. anyway, i’m not making excuses for the bad decisions i made back then. but now that i know the reasons behind them.

so i went to this mandatory workshop thing yesterday, where i learned that i have to take a class that might as well be called, “hey, you’re an idiot.”  it’s a learning strategies class, and i DO NOT NEED IT. i just turned thirty, for crying out loud. i was on the dean’s list for the last two years with mostly A’s (i had two B’s. stupid history classes.). obviously, i’ve proven that i’ve lived and learned and know how to do things right. i’m an intelligent person, damn it, with a high IQ (i’m not bragging–just stating facts).

can’t live with: taking this stupid class.

so anyway, i’ve emailed the director of undergrad to appeal my case to her. in the meantime, i’m signed up for the stupid class. it wouldn’t be such an issue, but here’s the clencher:

it doesn’t count toward my gpa OR count as actual credit hours!!!!!!!! translation: for me, it’s a waste of time and money. this is especially frustrating since we’ve been saving for quite a while so we can pay cash for my tuition and not have to take out any loans.


i don’t mean to sound whiny. i just don’t think it’s something i need.

in other news, i registered for classes. the only thing i need to finish my general requirements is one math class. so i registered for that. the rest of the classes i need are for my major/minor. the bad news is that since it’s so late in the registration period, most of my classes are filled. the good news is: i got into painting 1. 🙂  i’m pretty nervous about that one. of course, it’s really just an extension of drawing, only you’re using paints instead of graphite or charcoal. the other two classes i’m taking are that stupid learning strategies thing and theatre. since none of the other classes in my major or minor are available, i figured i’d just take a random elective. my sister said she really enjoyed theatre, so i’ll take it.

i also emailed my advisor for my major (who is actually a photographer, which is my concentration) to see if i can make an appointment with her before the semester starts. the faculty advisor i saw yesterday told me that sometimes your major advisor can let you into the classes that are filled if they’re for your major. i really want to be in photography 2 before i forget stuff! haha.

sorry for the venting. that’s just one little dark spot on an otherwise wonderful month. tonight i’m going to make chili and try my hand at homemade marshmallows. we’ll see how that turns out. maybe i’ll do a tutorial if they turn out well. (i promise not to accidentally delete the pictures this time!)

can’t live without:  the love, support, and encouragement my hubster gives me daily. he puts up with *a lot* from me. don’t know what i’d do without him. his birthday is five days after christmas, and sometimes it’s hard to remember to set aside a gift for his birthday! which is sad, and makes me feel like a bad wife. but i just came up with the *best* idea for his birthday gift this morning! i’m going to start on it later today. i’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

covet: vintage luggage. this one’s from bear versus goose at etsy.

and this one’s from get ready set go at etsy. i LOVE yellow.


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