deck the halls.

well, i think i’m finally finished with the decorating of our house for christmas. my mom loves decorating and crafts, so i grew up in a house that was decorated early and muchly. lol. every little space had some sort of christmas decoration. anything that stood still held some sort of bow or garland or trinket. we even had the whole miniature village thing, complete with people and cars and snow. and of course there was the requisite train around the christmas tree.

while it was incredibly festive and fun to have everything so christmasy and beautiful, it was a pain in the butt to put it all away after the first of the year. hahaha… so i like just a few christmas touches here and there in my own house.

our christmas tree has a red  & gold theme, because i just think it’s elegant and aesthetically pleasing against the bright green of the tree and the soft white lights.

we are very, very bad about throwing things on our dining room table to get them out of the way and just leaving them there for a…long time. heh… so to try and combat this, i’ve started making centerpieces for each season. i like simple, clean lines, so they aren’t usually anything big. for halloween/thanksgiving, i had a pumpkin made of grapevine and two orange pillar candles on off-white ceramic holders. or christmas, i found this pretty poinsettia basket at michaels (50% off! whooo!) and filled short vases with red & green christmas ornaments. i also added the mickey/minnie mouse candlesticks my aunt got me for christmas one year. ❤  i love sentimental decorations. i also hung pine cones from the chandelier.

here’s our advent calendar. i love it. each day, you open up a little drawer, which holds an ornament that you place on the wooden tree. it’s so cute!

and a few little things given to me by my mom:

and here are a few pictures of the outside of our house. i hate, hate, hate our next door neighbors’ decorations. they are gaudy and ugly. they have every huge light or blow-up decoration you can think of. i kid you not. again, i like simple things that go together in some way without being matchy-matchy. we have a wreath and a garland around the door and one around the garage with red bows and lights. i want to put another string of lights around those “column” thingies on the porch, but it’s been so cold lately i can’t stand to be outside for more than a few minutes. ha.

so that’s it. our lovely christmasy home for the holidays. 🙂  i’d planned on doing a tutorial on how to make the wreath i made for our front door, but unfortunately all the pictures got deleted. sooo…yeah.


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