things i love sunday.

1. everybody likes the kinks, right? i dare you to not like them. you probably know them best for their song “lola” (incidentally, one of the first full songs i learned to play on the guitar). but this is one of my favorites. like i said, i dare you to not love the kinks.

2. our christmas tree! (more on that later this week…)

3.  bright, colorful quilts! (plus that awesome tree house!)

4. i’m in love with snapcrafty. i just bought a bunch of cabochons & beads from them for extremely reasonable prices!

5. joe pasta is such a good local restaurant. i love their “build your own pasta” feature.

6.  this is so cute. especially because i’ve started crocheting again.

7.  re-creations of scenes from alfred hitchcock movies. this one is scarlett johansson & javier bardem portraying grace kelly & jimmy stewart in rear window. head over to all the pretty to see more. 

8.  i love that my hubster like to do crafts with me. we made these bracelets during an arts & crafts session on the cruise. the other night while i was crocheting a scarf, he even went online and found tutorials to teach himself how to knit. it does, however, tick me off when he proves to be much better at something than me. 😉 

9.  i love how my hubster, sister, and i laugh so hard when we’re out and about. we pick on each other and laugh at fart jokes, but i love it when we laugh til we’re literally crying. 

10.  absolutely gorgeous cowl neck scarf from mojo spa style. there are some truly beautiful things in this shop. all handmade, of course!


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