etsy love.

guess what?

i opened up a new etsy shop. 🙂

i named it flossie mae vintage. my mamaw & papaw have called me flossie mae for as long as i can remember. don’t ask me why. but i thought it was a perfect name for the shop. 🙂

it’s for all the cool vintage stuff i find at thrift and antique stores. i’m not expecting it to be wildly popular, because there are *tons* of vintage shops on etsy. still, it’s something fun i wanted to do. so far, i have three housewares/collectible items and one dress. i need ashley or chelsea or someone to model it for me so i can take some photos. the key to having a good etsy shop is the photos. i saw a cool tutorial on taking photos for your etsy shop the other day. so i took some advice from it while setting things up today. here’s what i have:

vintage corningware mugs:

old spice jars that look like apothecary jars. i remember mamaw having some these when i was younger:

and a green glass vase by e.o. brody co. i googled the name and found that a man named e.o. brody designed green glass and milk glass vases starting in 1958. he sold them to wholesale florists, who in turn sold them to retail florists. they were most popular during the 60s and 70s. lots of people have green glass or milk glass collections, so i’m excited to have found this one. if i don’t sell it, maybe i can start a collection. 😉

i’ll get pictures of the dress tomorrow. in the meantime, visit my shop here! (there’s also a badge over there on the right —–> that you can click, and it’ll take you straight there.


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