ordering my christmas cards!

i love christmas. i adore the entire holiday season. the whole month of december is like one big party. among my favorite things are decorating the house, watching christmas specials, spending time with family, making christmas cookies and peppermint bark, and sending and receiving christmas cards! i think the best cards include photos, especially if you have family and friends that live far away.

shutterfly is one of the best websites for creating and ordering your christmas cards every year. i’ve used them in the past, and my cards have always come out perfect and have always arrived in a timely manner. they’re also very inexpensive. they have some really great designs for you to add your best pictures to. and to add something even better to the mix, this year shutterfly is doing an awesome promotion. do a quick blog about them and their photo products, and you can get fifty free christmas cards!

this is one of my favorite cards. it’s so classic and pretty.

they don’t just have christmas cards. there are also pretty hanukkah cards like this one:

there are even cards that benefit some really great charities, like this one. 10% of these card purchases go to the American Lung Association:

there are also cards that benefit livestrong. i love that they sell cards that allow people to donate to awesome charities at the same time.

aside from holiday cards, you can create unique and fun gifts at shutterfly for your family and friends. they have calendars of different shapes and sizes…

party invitations

even canvas wall art!

i’ll definitely be getting my christmas cards from shutterfly this year. i think we might use a really fun picture and do a whole family one instead of just the hubster and me. we shall see!



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