things i love sunday.

1.   hot chocolate, which would be heavenly by the fire if i had a fireplace…

2. scarlett johansson. if you want to see more, head over to all the pretty.

3.  i don’t know why, but this makes me giggle so hard!


4. emma watson’s (hermione from harry potter) new haircut! i *adore* it! i think she looks like twiggy. and so grown up & just plain gorgeous. 🙂

5. speaking of harry potter, the new movie (harry potter and the deathly hallows) was great! it stayed true enough to the book without including all the superfluous detail. can’t wait for part 2 to come out.  i especially loved this scene:


6. lovely and elegant holiday wreath found at etsy.

7.  another cute illustration.


8. i’ve re-fallen in love with the martha stewart show. i usually do during the holiday season. it’s not as fun the rest of the year. haha. alan cummings was on with her on friday, and he was just adorable. p.s. that wreath they made is the one i’m attempting to make right now.

9. i love that the beatles music is now available on itunes!! i have a ton of their music, but a lot of it is on vinyl.

10. what a cool idea!



  1. Emma Watson’s new ‘do is SO un-Hermione; must be why she did it.

    I couldnt stand Dobby. Love that his end was so heroic though.

    Can’t get over Alan Cummings being SEAN-BLOODY-WALSH!!!

  2. i KNOW!!! i could only think of SEAN-BLOODY-WALSH every time she said his name, but then his accent was so different and he’s so funny that i completely forgot about it. 😉
    and i think emma probably did such a drastic change because her life has basically been run by harry potter for her entire adolescence.

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