aaaaand i’m spent.

it’s december first. a glorious day. do you know why? i actually have two reasons.

reason number one:

yayyyy me! most of you have already seen this, but i’m just so proud of myself that i had to blog it, of course. 😉  once i hit 50,000 words, i felt a lot of relief. then i copied, pasted, and put it into the nano word validator, and it said i was 60 words short. so i went back and added an earlier scene that i had already decided to add during editing anyway. according to my word processor’s count, i ended up with 50,246 words. so i went through the word validator again, and this screen automatically popped up. i literally screamed…and then said a curse word (surprise, surprise)!

i cannot even begin to explain how good it feels to have a fully complete first draft manuscript in my hands (well, on my hard drive and two flash drives, anyway). i have a lottt of work ahead of me before i can consider it actually finished. it’s full of holes and weird turns that took me by surprise. lol  so there will be quite a few editing passes before it gets shown to anyone. it would be so amazing to have it ready by this time next year, but since i’ll be in school full time again… the important thing is I DID IT! with all the writing i’ve done off and on over the past fifteen or so years, i finally have a complete draft. 🙂

and reason number two:

it’s official christmas decorating day!!! i have a moratorium on christmas stuff until december first. of course, it gets pretty tempting after thanksgiving when everything is all cheery and decorated and music is playing everywhere. but i just can’t do it. but as soon as december first rolls around, i get SUPER EXCITED about christmas! we haven’t actually put our christmas tree up in three years. if you’ve read my blog for a while, you might remember that i was kind of depressed for the last christmas season, longing for the amazing memories i have from my childhood. but this year, i’m ready for it and really excited. i think part of the reason is that i’m dedicated this year to doing a real handmade christmas. with the exception of my nieces and sister, *every* single gift i give is going to be handmade. here’s something cute that inspired me yesterday. i’m going to try working on my version of it today:

i found it in gingiber’s etsy shop. i’ll post my version of it when i get around to starting it. 🙂

i promise i’m going to do a blog about our cruise, which was fabulously fun! i just haven’t had a chance to get the pictures on my computer yet. maybe later tonight or tomorrow. 🙂  until then, happy december first!


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