day one.

nanowrimo (30 days and nights of literary abandon!) officially started today!  the daily goal to reach 50,000 words by is 1,667. i knew i had to do at least that today, but i really wanted to get to 2,000 words.

guess what?

my word count as of right now is 2,227! i’m so proud of myself! what a great way to kick off, right?

i went to the first write-in tonight. it’s where all the wrimos in the charleston area get together and write write write. we have challenges to meet, word wars, etc. tonight, we pulled two items from the “box o’ doom:” a slip of paper with a word on it, and another with a number. we had to use the word at least once in the following thirty-minute timed session, and we had to write the number of words on the other slip of paper in the same session. my word was “hezekiah.” ha! and my number was 963. a modest number, actually. some people got 1500 and 1800! i used my word (yay for random characters), but i fell 100 words short of my word count challenge.

the best thing about nanowrimo? failures are encouraged just as much as wins are. so i still got a sticker to put on my “word war loss” box in nano bingo. so much fun!

so i’ve finished the prologue and am on chapter one right now. i’m not sure if i’ll write more tonight, but i may. we’ll see… i’ll have all day to write tomorrow. i fully expect to pass 5,000 words by tomorrow night. i’m setting that goal for myself right this second.

right now, though, i’m going to eat some dinner and relax with the hubster. 🙂


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