things i love sunday

i’m going to do ten illustrations i love this week. i wish i could give credit to the artists, but i found them all over the place (mostly on, so i usually don’t know who they’re by… if you know, tell me so i can credit them!

1. i love how the ends of the girl’s hair turns into kites. so dreamy.

2.  how cool is it that this is drawn on an envelope? p.s. i wish i had a vintage suitcase.

3. this little french sailor guy is adorable. 

4.  so freakin’ cute!!

5.  i love sweet, simple little line drawings. 

6.  a puppy with glasses & a bow tie! i love it! 

7.  tea is good for the soul.

9.  it looks like a cute little european lady dumped out the contents of her purse and drew them. 

10. i like watercolor illustrations. they make me think of older children’s books. 

this week, i’m going to be making some of these little guys. i’ll let you know how they turn out. maybe i’ll do step-by-step pictures. it’s always fun to see what a huge mess i make when working on a project. haha.

hope everyone had a great weekend. 🙂  i’m going going upstairs to start on my “30 in 30” art journal now!


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