one more month of twenties…

we finally booked our cruise to celebrate my THIRTIETH birthday next month! i do *not* feel like i’m going to be leaving my twenties in just 36 days. i still feel like a kid, really. i’m married, i own a home, i’ve lived on two coasts and proven to myself that i am a responsible person, yet i still dont feel like an adult. it’s odd, really. though i guess thirty is still young these days, right? right? 😉

SO anyway, i wanted to celebrate in a big way. we decided a fun trip would be a good way to do that. so we’re going on a cruise. since it’ll just be the two of us, it’ll be a romantic vacation too. 🙂  i’m so excited. we’re going for eight days, and the places we’ll be visiting are:

grand turk

la romana, dominican repulic

aruba (we’re most excited about this one!)


aside from all the other projects i want to have completed by spring semester (assuming c of c doesn’t mess it up & lose my paperwork again. grr), i’m going to start working on a “30 in 30” art journal. i’ll do one entry each day for the thirty days leading up to my thirtieth birthday. the idea just hit me the other day, & i thought it sounded fun! i’ll start in on the 24th and end it on my birthday, november 22nd.

other than that, there’s not a whole lot going on here (though i think that’s enough to be excited about). we’re working on painting & redecorating the master bathroom…yeah, i’ve got the painter’s tape up, but that’s as far as i’ve gotten. heh… i’m doing research for my nanowrimo (national novel writing month–30 days of literary abandon. and wow, the topic for this post seems to be the number thirty. it’s like sesame street!) novel. just a hint: i’ve been researching schizophrenia, mind control/brainwashing, and physics. sounds intriguing, right? i have an amazing plot. i only hope i can do it justice. i’ve never written *anything* like this before. most of my writing has been semi-romantic chick lit or memoir-like anecdotal stories. we watched a clockwork orange last night as research. it was…interesting. i’m really glad i finished reading  1984 this summer. i’ve got a good idea about mind control from that. i’m so excited & nervous to start writing this! i have to keep reminding myself that, even though i’m supposed to write 50,000 words in 30 days, i have as long as i want to polish it up and finish it. it’s my lifelong dream to be published (and get credit for it, unlike ghostwriting!), but i have to keep telling myself that there’s no hurry.

so those are a few things that are going on lately. i’m also going to be working my butt off to try and lose maybe ten more pounds before the cruise. i’ve lost twenty doing p90x so far, but i’ve admittedly slacked off on the working out & eating right. i’m recommitting myself to p90x this week. 😉

this post brought to you by the number 


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