things i love sunday.

hi! hope everyone had a great weekend. we get one more day of weekend since the hubster has tomorrow off for columbus day. to finish out the weekend, here are ten more things i love!

1. how cute is this mug from kir devries? really cute stuff over there. go check it all out!

2. i’m in love with the bottle for this perfume: parlez-moi d’amour by john galliano. i’ve never smelled the actual fragrance, but it looks so pretty that i’d be willing to bet it’s divine! 😉  it was actually named after a song by edith piaf. lovely!

3. these are so neat! handbags made from recycled book covers! i’ve never seen anything like them. check out bibliobags on etsy.

4. these edy’s popsicles are so, so yummy. actually, i’ve only had the lime ones. they taste like a yummy key lime pie, but they’re low in calories & sugar.  and as soon as i eat all the lime ones, i’ll let you know how the berry ones taste. haha.

5. speaking of goodies, i really want some of these cupcakes:

6. i don’t know if i’ve already done this in a things i love sunday, but i love earth fare so much. we like to get a lot of fresh stuff there, and then get our basics at the regular grocery store. today, we got lots of fresh veggies for roasting, some bison and filet to make into kebabs and grill, and some pre-made chicken roll-ups that have goat cheese, arugula, and tomatoes in them. *drool*  i also got some yummy goat cheese and one of my favorites (though it probably sounds gross to most of you): a cheddar made with guinness beer.  ooh, i also got some yummy pumpkin ale!

7. i’m going to give my friend jen a shout out again, because she deserves it. i urge you to read her beautiful book, the kingdom. it’s the first in what promises to be an amazing series. she’s such a talented writer and a lovely person, and i cannot wait to see what other great stories she has to tell!  i’m so lucky to call her my friend!

8. i want this laptop case from anthropologie so badly! i already have a cute messenger bag with a typewriter printed on the front. this would match it perfectly.

9. we’ve decided to start a new sunday thing. after last week’s brunch at triangle, we decided we should have brunch every sunday. we went to montreux today, but we honestly weren’t that impressed with the atmosphere. though their charleston eggs benedict, which had a crabcake instead of an english muffin and meat, was very tasty. next week we’re trying out the blind tiger pub downtown.

10. this is so cute and funny:

i hope everyone has a great week! and if you’re lucky enough to have monday off for columbus day, have a great relaxing day. ❤


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