wreath tutorial.

hi everyone! i’ve been feeling pretty crafty lately (you decide which kind of crafty i mean! lol). so last weekend, i bought a bunch of stuff for some really fun projects. since i haven’t really done *any* sort of holiday decorating for the past few years, i decided i wanted to make an autumn wreath. so here it is. the finished product isn’t *exactly* what i’d hoped for, but i still like it. pretty good for a trial & error type of thing. 😉

1. gather your materials. i bought everything here at a.c. moore. my original idea was to just make a bead-covered wreath, but i thought this might be more fun once i saw the pretty fall flowers. materials you’ll need:

wreath form (i prefer the grapevine kind)

decorations (e.g. wooden “berries,” flowers, leaves, raffia, etc.)

glue gun


2. place your sprigs of “berries” sporadically around the form. use odd numbers. these are most pleasing to the eye. i found it easiest to stick them in and then add the glue to secure them.

3. start cutting off parts of flowers to stick into the wreath. these actually popped right off the stems without me having to cut them.

4. start placing your flowers around the wreath. just use your sense of whimsy. there’s no method to this madness! one hint: i think i may use wire next time. some of the flowers wouldn’t behave. i think using wire would help them stay exactly where i want.

5. add a little raffia (only if you want to)! don’t make the mistake i did: i completely forgot to leave a space for hanging. so the raffia bow that was originally supposed to be the bottom ended up being on the top so the hanger wouldn’t smoosh the flowers. ooh, you know what i just thought of? a corn husk-type bow would be pretty here too!

6. keep adding your flowers. in this case, less is not more. 😉  it started looking a little too fluffy for my taste, so i trimmed a few tiny flowers here and there.

7. voila!  hang on your front door & receive compliments from neighbors & guests!  😀  to be honest, there are a few things i’ll do differently next time. i’ll make sure to figure out the hanging method before i start. i’ll probably also use wire instead of hot glue. (only one burned finger this time! huzzah!)  i may still trade out that raffia bow for some corn husk or something…

for my next tutorial, i’m going to be turning this stupid lamp i’ve had forever…

…into something amazing & lovely & glorious!  til then, head on over to i heart art to see how my art journaling is coming along. 🙂


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