eight happy years.

today, the hubster and i celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. eight years! it’s hard to believe it’s been that long. i really wanted to blog this earlier today, but he came home from work at lunchtime & we went downtown to do some fun stuff. (i’ll blog about that tomorrow!) the weather today was the exact opposite of eight years ago. our wedding day was HOT, muggy, and a little bit rainy. today was absolutely gorgeous! sunny, mid-70s, and breezy. here’s a little look back on our wedding day. i don’t have that many pictures right now, because most of them are in the album i left at my mom’s house a while back. (i’m so forgetful!)  🙂

our engagement announcement. *gosh* we look so young! (to be honest, we were! i was about to turn 22, he was almost 21.)

my maid of honor touching up my lipgloss before another picture! lol

my cutie little cousins who were "trainbearer" & flower girl. it's amazing how grown up they are now. he's 10. she's 16.

my portrait. fun fact: i'm standing over an air conditioning vent here. it was SO. HOT. in there, and my dress was so heavy! lol

husband & wife!

bridesmaids! my bff since 7th grade, sister, and cousins. ❤

we arrived at the reception in a horse-drawn carriage. it was so much fun! cars were honking at us & people were shouting "congratulations!" i don't have the pic of us in the carriage, but this is us getting out of it to go into the reception.

and we’ve had *SO* much fun over the years!

happy anniversary, hubster! i love you more and more every day.



  1. Awww! Yay! How have I never seen your wedding pictures?!? They are so beautiful. I love you two! Im happy to say I took 2 of the post wedding pictures, im good at capturing you two love birds. 😉

    1. thank you! i would’ve had more if my album wasn’t at my parents’ house. and the pic at the top that you took of willy & me is one of my most faves ever! ❤

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