when i started the ghostwriting job, all my time for art projects went straight out the window. by the end of the day, my brain was so fried, i had no inspiration whatsoever. i did my articles, wrote a little bit of my own stuff at night from time to time, and crashed into bed to repeat the next day. now that i don’t have that particular job anymore, i’m taking one room at a time in our house and doing super duper cleaning & then doing fun projects to make them look prettier.

for example, i’m painting our master bathroom this week (was supposed to be last week, but oh well). it’s going to be a grayish/bluish color, and all the accents will be black & white. it might sound drab in words, but the vision i have for it is amazing. we went to a couple of local antique/gifty stores the other day, & i nabbed some really cute finds! here are a couple of hints at what my project will entail:

i cannot wait to upcycle/refurbish that cute ceramic lady. it reminds me of a cameo. it’s going to be adorable once i get my crafty little hands on it. i have lots of other ideas too, but that’s all the hinting you’ll get for now. 🙂  i’ll post before/during/after pics. i’m forcing myself to get the painting finished before i work on anything else for that room.

right this second, i’m working on my art journal. i never got to finish the art journal tutorial class i was doing (again, due to the writing job), but i’ve finally gotten inspired to work on it again. i’ll post pics over at i heart art as i complete pages.

so anyway, that’s what i’m up to right now. i also bought a bunch of stuff to make a pretty fall wreath. i’ll post that later on! ooh, maybe i’ll even do a little how-to tutorial for it. 🙂  off to work on art journaling…


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