things i love sunday.

whoa. you’d better put on your …because this is quite an occasion. it’s been *ages* since i’ve done one of these posts. now that i’m not quite so busy all the freakin’ time, i’m rededicating myself to my blog and my art/craft projects. i’m also doing a super heavy duty cleaning of the house, but that’s neither here nor there. 😉  anyway, without further ado, here are ten things i love this sunday!

1. i’m in love with she’s an illustrator/artist/crafter, and the things she makes are so unique and cool! i want one of her recycled/upcycled art journals, like this one:

and look at the inside pages! it’s so cool that the pages aren’t just blank white pages. they’re made from patterned papers, maps, ephemera, etc. you can find her stuff at her etsy shop, or at red velvet art.

2.  i’m a big advocate of fair trade coffee. larry’s beans are my faaaavorite right now. the true colombia variety is my personal fave. what is fair trade coffee, you ask? well, basically it ensures that the farmers that grow your coffee are getting the money they deserve for the work they’ve done and the product they’ve produced. you can learn more at the fair trade federation website. not only does larry’s beans sell fair trade beans, but they are also shade-grown and kosher. the company does amazing things. they even provide a document trail to prove that their products are organic, quality-assured, and fairly traded. i could go on and on about them. instead, go to their sustainability school and learn more about what larry’s beans does for the planet, and what you can do as well.

3.  THIS!

4. how freakin’ hilarious is this?!

5. lonny magazine. it’s an online magazine with all kinds of design inspiration. everything is so lovely!

6.  wall-e & eve! so cute!

7. brunch at triangle. oh. my. gosh. this was so much fun. the hubster, my sis, my cousin & i all went to a restaurant called triangle and had *the* most amazing brunch. i had smoked salmon benny, which is basically eggs benedict with smoked salmon and a dill hollandaise type of sauce. we also had bottomless mimosas. make sure you aren’t driving if you order these! you barely drink half the glass, and they’re already filling it up again! ahhhh, yummy.  good times, good food, good company, good conversation. 🙂

8.  the coach outlet. need i say more? i got a new wallet for $30. ❤

9.  these adorable plates at anthropologie!

10.  the fact that the hubster & i will be married for eight years as of this coming tuesday!  you can expect more on that later…



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