not-so-newlywed game.

i got this from my friend lindsay’s blog. it seemed like so much fun! the funny part is that the hubster thought i was asking the questions about him, so he answered them about himself at first. haha! so he had to do it over again…

1. i’m sitting in front of the tv. what’s on?  turner classic movies or hgtv. (bingo.)

2. we’re out to eat. what kind of salad dressing do i get? some sort of vinaigrette. (i always ask what kinds of vinaigrette the restaurant has, b/c sometimes there are really yummy kinds you wouldn’t even know about! like cucumber…mmmmmm.)

3. what’s one food i don’t like?  dry tamales. (we had some tamales that had been cooked & frozen, & we had no sauce. i don’t like dry or bland food.)

4. if we’re out to eat, what do i order to drink?  water.

5. what size shirt do i wear? medium. (bless his heart. try large. lol)

6. what shoe size?  8. (it’s actually 8.5, but close!)

7. favorite kind of sandwich?  shrimp po boy. (i have NO clue why he thought this. i think i’ve had a shrimp po boy once in my life. my favorite sandwich is the ultimate grilled cheese at sesame. it has *brie* on it! swoooon.)

8. what would i eat every day if i could?  crab legs. (he’s probably right.)

9. favorite cereal?  the one in the green box. (he’s talking about a high-fiber granola one with dried strawberries, which they only sell at target.)

10. what is one thing i would never wear?  jorts. (jean shorts. i don’t think he gets that these are okay for women…)

11. what is my favorite sports team?  texas longhorns. (hook ’em, horns!!)

12. what is something you wish i wouldn’t do?  bite the insides of your cheek. (*shrug* it’s a nervous habit)

13. what kind of cake do i like?  cheesecake. (ohhhh yeah.)

14. what could i spend hours doing?  looking around on the internet. (it didn’t ask what i *do* for hours. jk. i don’t think he gets that just b/c i’m on the computer, it doesn’t mean i’m on the internet. more often than not, i’m writing.)

15. what is one unique talent i have?  editing skills. (grammar queen right here.)

16. what is my type of coffee?  fair trade. (he really does know me!)


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