best. news. ever.

i got a job ghostwriting articles/web content! i’m so freakin’ excited i can hardly stand it. i’m starting on monday. i’ve been looking all summer for a gig like this! it’s going to be a lot of work, as it entails lots of research for every article, but i don’t mind that at all. admittedly, i did freak out a teensy tiny bit when i got the subject for my the sample article they wanted me to write. i was given only a keyword and the site to which i should link it. i suppose most of my assignments will work this way. they liked the content, even though i was sort of floundering while writing & read it aloud to the hubster & foxycleopatra at least eight hundred times. lol

anyway, i’m super excited. the one downside is that i can’t use any of my articles as writing samples for my future portfolio, as they become property of the company as soon as they pay me. of course, i will gain a wealth of experience and knowledge (all that research!) as well as confidence in my writing abilities.

the hubster is super proud of me. he insisted last night that the reason is less that i actually *got* a job (which i know he is actually ecstatic about…lol), but more that i’m working in something that i like and am, quote “obviously very good at.”  i think the thing is that he always knew that i liked writing and that it was better than what he could do, but he didn’t really know if i could hack it as an actual writer. he always just sort of nodded and said “good” when i told him my lifelong dream was to have a novel published. so i think this has given him confidence and pride that i actually *am* a decent writer, even when it comes to writing nonfiction articles on topics about which i know barely anything. so this part is also really exciting to me. i’ve secretly wondered if he thought my writing was a waste of time, but now i think he understands. even though it’s ghostwriting & i won’t get credit for the content, he’s still excited that i get this experience.

i hope i continue to be excited about it after i start doing the actual work. haha. it’s going to be a LOT of writing each day, and i’m a little bit concerned that between that and school, i won’t have very much time for writing for pleasure. but i’m sure i’ll find a groove and a schedule that works for me. i have friends that do it, one of whom i thank profusely for pointing me in the right direction to getting this gig!

soooo i’ll keep you updated on my progress. yeah, i’m totally geeking out over this. and i just have to say it again: i’m so freakin’ excited!



  1. Awesome! That’s sounds great!

    Are you 100% certain about the portfolio thing? I shoot for many photo houses and my images become their property too but you are still are able to show them in your portfolio; you just can’t use them anywhere else. I would check into that just to make sure.

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