lightly enlightened.

so. for as long as i can remember, i’ve been told to “eat only when you’re hungry.”

apparently, this is *so* wrong.

i also remember these warnings from when i was a kid: “you finish everything on that plate, because there are starving children in africa!”

now that part i’m not so opposed to. lol

however, the hubster and i have been doing p90x for about three weeks now. only this weekend did i sit down and have the hubs explain to me the nutrition side of this workout. previously, i was going by my old nutritionist’s advice and eating 1,000 calories per day, and drinking 100 oz. of water per day.

but with the extreme workouts involved in p90x, i apparently need more calories.

i’m so very guilty of not eating regularly. i eat breakfast every day (usually a bowl of high-fiber granola with skim milk). but the middle of the day is where things go wrong. i get involved in what i’m doing and don’t want to stop. especially if i’m art journaling, writing, or doing some other project that i really don’t want to take attention from. i know that if i stop what i’m doing, i might not get back to it. when writing, i have to get into a certain mindset and interrupting that flow screws up the whole chapter or article or what have you.

so i sometimes completely forget to eat until it’s five o’clock and i’m shaking like a leaf and feeling nauseous. then i search the kitchen like a rabid wolf and eat whatever is there until the icky feeling goes away. this also tends to leave me hungry late at night, which is bad bad bad.

obviously, i’ve learned that everything i’ve been doing is completely wrong. now, the guide tells me i need to eat 2400 calories/day, but i just can’t. i can’t eat seven proteins in one day. i’m not a big meat eater, and they list beans as carbs. so i’m going by the level 1 guidelines:

5 proteins (today i’ve had egg beaters and turkey bacon)

1 carb

1 fruit

2 vegetables

2 dairy (i had goat cheese in my eggs)

3 snacks (two of which are a protein bar and a post-workout recovery drink)

i feel like there’s something else, but i can’t remember. the main problem i have with this is the ONE CARB A DAY! i LOVE carbs. namely pasta. and i love sushi, but the rice is a carb too. i know that i can have cheat days every now and then, and that’s pretty comforting. i don’t really mind the rest of it, to be honest. i just have to concentrate on eating on a schedule.

i didn’t realize that feeling hungry means your body is storing calories/fat. i always knew that not eating enough made your body go into emergency mode & store  stuff, but i didn’t know that the hungry feeling was associated with this. i seriously thought, “if i’m not hungry, i shouldn’t eat, because it means i’m eating too much.”

what a kick to the head when i realized i’ve been thinking so incorrectly all these years! that’s what i get for thinking, right? 😉

so i’m making every effort to eat more often from the list of stuff. i’ll let you know how that goes. 😉


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