wednesday wishes.

1. i wish i had some japanese washi tape for my art journal. i really like these ones. found here.

2. i will do all my health wishes in one fell swoop:  a) i wish i did not have asthma so i could run for longer periods of time without my chest tightening and feeling like i’m going to hyperventilate.  b) i wish i didn’t have to go back for yet more bloodwork for my stupid thyroid. and c) i wish friday would hurry up & get here so i can get my results from the psychology assessment stuff i did. (geez, all this makes me sound like a hypochondriac. but i’m not! lol)

3. i wish i had a supercool vintage camera to play with! this one is awesome. it still works, is only $32, and looks so cool! found here.

4. some new eyeglass frames. pink ones, to be exact. just as a second pair, so i don’t mind if they’re cheapies. i love these that i found on ebay…mayhaps i shall bid on them…

5. i wish they were having the renegade craft fair here in charleston!!! god, i love etsy.

check out what kellie, courtney, katie, & liz are wishing for this wednesday!


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