friday five.

today i feel like such a lucky girl. here are five reasons why my hubster is the best in the world:

1. even though i may complain that he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body (he doesn’t), he is the most supportive husband on the planet. i change my mind 72389478 times a day about what i want (school/career-wise, having possible future children, or just what i want to eat or drink), and he takes it all in stride. he works full time & goes to school full time, yet he allows me to not have a job while i finish school b/c he knows i don’t do stress very well. he also puts up with my…er, moods. he’s not an artistic person at all, but he encourages me like no one else when it comes art, writing, & creating. basically, he’s my #1 fan and hero.

2. we laugh together. A LOT. it’s one of the most important things in a relationship, i think. sometimes he makes me laugh so hard that i can’t breathe or i fall on the floor. lol. one of his favorite things to do is try to make me laugh when i’m drinking something. silly. and when we’re with my sis, forget it. we’re constantly collapsing into giggles. he humors me. i like to be silly, and he isn’t afraid to be silly with me. not that he’s ever been a super serious person, but i like to think i bring out the fun-loving kid in him. even though i might complain that he sometimes acts like a five-year-old, i think he forgets about fun sometimes.

3. he is amazingly smart. he knows things that i can’t even wrap my head around. he can do complicated math in his head within a matter of seconds. and if you mimic a noise your car is making, he can tell you immediately what is wrong with it.

4.  he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, but he doesn’t let anybody know it. he’ll never bog anyone else down with his problems. he’ll gladly put someone else’s comfort or happiness before his own. and he’s extremely happy to be able to help others, and is constantly doing so. i’m a selfish girl, but i have good intentions. i have all these things that i want to do to help people, but he actually does them instead of yapping about them like i do. lol

5. every time he quotes from pride & prejudice, i fall in love with him just a little more. i can’t get enough of telling people that it’s one of his favorite movies. he also watches tcm with me & usually actually likes the movies. 🙂  OH!  and he went to the midnight showing of twilight with me. hee.

there are *so* many other things that make him the best hubster in the world, but this *is* the friday five, so i’ll have to stop there. to sum it up, he’s the love of my life, my hero, my best friend, and my rock.  ❤



  1. Hi!! It’s me, your Happy mail partner for May. Not stalking you..just wanted to know more about you to make up a nice little package for ya. 😀 Your hubby sounds perfect. I love that he makes you laugh when you’re drinking something. Too funny! Just wanted to stop over and say hello. 😀

    1. hi!! sorry i haven’t gotten the chance to respond to your email. i’m so fail lately. things have been rather busy… i’m excited to be your happy mail partner!

  2. I so agree with you! Will is smart, charming, loving, and funny. You really got lucky when you found him.
    Love you, Aunt Sharon

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