wednesday wishes.

1. i wish my neck would stop hurting! it’s been six days now. i would go to the doctor, but i know the only thing she could do for me is give me a muscle relaxer. which i don’t like. it doesn’t hurt *quite* as badly as it did yesterday, but it’s still really painful.

2. i wish my dad a happy birthday! lol  he’s 53 today. 🙂

3. i wish i hadn’t waited so long to see “remember me” in the theatre. now i have to wait til it comes out on dvd!

4. i wish i didn’t have to decide between going to see the avett brothers in savannah or phoenix in charlotte! i would go to both, but they’re on consecutive days. that’s such a hard decision!

5. i wish someone would clean up my art room for me! heh… i spent half an hour looking for scissors yesterday. i really need to spend a day cleaning/organizing. but i’d rather spend the day actually making art projects. or writing.

that’s all i’ve got for today. go check out my friends katie, liz, kellie, and courtney’s wishes this wednesday.

hope everyone has a happy wednesday! 🙂


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