friday five.

sorry i’ve been fail at blogging this week. it was finals week. thank GOD it’s over! whoooo! no more school til june! (that is, if i decide to take a summer class…)

i’ve decided to make this week’s friday five five songs i cannot live without (the mellow version). i was just listening to my “writing playlist” the other night and when these first two songs came on, i thought, “man, i love these songs to death. i could listen to them over & over & over & over & probably never tire of them.”

maybe next week i’ll do an upbeat version of five songs i cannot live without. for now, i hope you enjoy these as much as i do. πŸ™‚

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happy weekend!

One comment

  1. I love this idea for a post. I am going to have to listen to these songs. I really like Modest Mouse, but I have never heard that song.

    P.S. I am so excited that you are still on the pen pal list πŸ™‚

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