not me! monday

i’ve found these posts to be quite hilarious on other blogs, and so (once again) i’ve decided to join in the fun. pretty soon, i’m going to have a blogging theme for every day of the week! lol

mckmama started this fun endeavor on her blog, i’m excited to participate! here’s what i did *not* do over the last week.

i did not put my less-than-important work ahead of my school work all week, only to end up stressed out by the weekend.

i most certainly did not take my online western civ final early, just so i could figure out my projected grade to see if i could take a zero on a stupid essay i don’t want to write.

i did not roll my eyes when the hubster bought a topsy turvy so he can grow some tomatoes. i did not bring up last year’s failed “vegetable garden.”

i did not buy yet another journal just because it was too pretty to pass up.

i did not eat an awful lot of “ruined” cake pops while i was making them for a party…

i did not practically rewrite the hubster’s english paper.

i did not not work out all last week because the blister on my foot from disney world did not still hurt…

i did not go without a shower on friday just because i felt too lazy to.

and i most certainly did not convince the hubs that i need a brand new dress for our cousin’s wedding next month… hee…

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