happy earth day!

today marks the 40th anniversary of earth day! what efforts are you making to reduce, conserve, and recycle?

i have to admit that since we moved back to sc from california, we haven’t been doing well in the recycling department. back in san diego, our recycling was picked up for free every week. here in sc (at least in the county where i live), you have to take your recycling do drop-off sites. so yes, i admit that we have been lax in the recycling department. but i fully intend to remedy this situation. we’re going to organize a way to separate our recycling and get back into it!

the hubster and i are both big on energy conservation. being only four years old, our house is pretty energy efficient, but we’ve both always been the type of people who turn off lights when we’re not in a room, and very rarely even use artificial light during the day. there’s no reason to waste energy when you don’t absolutely need it!

i would really love to have my own vegetable garden & grow my own herbs. alas, i have a black thumb. every plant i touch dies. i think i might buy a little kitchen herb & start with that & work my way up from there. lol

as i’ve said recently, i’m trying to transition into becoming a vegetarian (actually a pescetarian, because i really don’t want to give up seafood!), but while i’m still trying to convince the hubster to join me in this endeavour, i’m buying free-range chicken & organic foods as much as possible. but wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to go into my little garden, pick a few tomatoes & cucumbers, & make a fresh summer salad?

i urge you to consider what your impact on our planet will be. even if you don’t believe in the cause as a whole, you can make a positive difference in your own lifestyle:  reduce your electric bill by conserving energy, look after your health by buying organic & free-range, use cleaning products that are friendly to both the environment and your own health.

here are some really cool ideas for recycling, upcycling, and conserving that i found on etsy and the daily green:

this chinese farmer made a solar water heater using 66 beer bottles and some hose! amazing!

a greenhouse made of plastic bottles in scotland

a really cute purse made of ties. this one from btc elements is $68, but you could easily make your own. this way, you can save money, perhaps learn a new hobby, and if you don't already have the ties, help out your local goodwill by buying the ties in the first place.

support people worldwide who use their talents and hands to make beautiful things. this lampshade is from tenthousandvillages.com. it was made in bangladesh using snack bags and candy wrappers collected from recycle stations.

i know my hubster would like this hubcap clock to hang in his garage. from 8milecreekdesigns at etsy

works of art using recycled cereal boxes from the artist's own kitchen. aisle3studio at etsy.

these cute envelopes look like they came from a cool stationery store, right? well they didn't! my lovely penpal lehua over at heart on my sleeve *made* them by turning business envelopes inside out! how cool is that? she used envelopes from bills she received, junk mail, etc and repurposed them into something beautiful. i can't wait to try this. 🙂 (you should check out her other gorgeous creations over on her blog!)

i hope you’ve found something inspiration here today. now go out, have a beautiful earth day, and celebrate your love for mother earth!


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  1. Great post with really cool ideas… loved, loved, loved the inside-out envelopes. We are fortunate to have curbside recycling here… and we’ve switched all our lights to compact flourescents. And of course, re-usable grocery bags are so cute and eco-friendly as well. Little things can make a big difference!

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