prayer request.

my best friend candace just had her first baby last thursday. here’s what’s going on (the blue text is from her blog):

We’ve been having trouble with Corgan for a couple of days now; he was increasingly tired and more unresponsive…getting him to eat was getting more and more challenging, but because we aren’t familiar with newborns we weren’t really sure if there was something wrong, although by Tuesday morning he definitely looked like an Oompa Loompa, from the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

We had an appointment with our pediatrician’s office, and she noticed how difficult it was to get him to respond, plus his obvious color. She gave us an order to get labs to check his bilirubin levels for jaundice, and put a STAT on it, so we ended up getting a call from our peds office about an hour or two later saying they needed us to check him into the hospital, that they wanted to keep him under lights overnight.

When we got here, things quickly changed. He was incredibly lethargic and when they took his temp, it was 93 degrees. They suspected an infection and did a spinal tap, during which they said he barely flinched–which worried them (and us, definitely). His bilirubin level from the lab test was 23.6. He needed to be at 13. After 4 hours under the lights, the level dropped to 16, then another 4 hours later to 15.8. They were pleased with close to 15 and so this morning I was able to nurse him again. Now his levels are at 13, and his temperature is  97 point something. 🙂 I’m able to nurse him regularly and in a few moments the lactation consultant is coming to help me work on some of the latching issues we’ve had. This morning he was quite famished, and the second time a little more sleepy. Because they aren’t sure if he has an infection or what it could be, they started him on 3 antibiotics last night while we wait for lab results. Now we’re down to two. We should know more about the labs later tonight or tomorrow. We’ll probably be here for a few more days.

so! he’s doing a lot better now, but thoughts and prayers are still lovely. thank you so much!



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