my new favorite song.

this is my new favorite song from vampire weekend. it’s on their newest album entitled contra. the funny thing about this band is that upon hearing their name alone, you’d sort of think they were an emo or goth band. but it couldn’t be further from the truth. they have the most amazing sound. as a matter of fact, some of their songs remind me a little bit of paul simon, but on a more electronic level. you may have seen them on saturday night live a few weeks ago (i don’t really watch snl anymore, because it stopped being funny after about 2001, but luckily my little cuz had it tivo’d). upon seeing their performance, my dad exclaimed, “wow! those guys actually look half normal!” lol. that’s mah dad. anyway, enjoy the song that makes me dance like a fool, no matter where i am (a growing list that includes japanese hibachi restaurants & grocery stores, since it’s now the ring tone on my phone).

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friday five, plus one:
seeing: my dog lola staring at me. she’s so weird. she’ll just sit & stare at me for hours. i hope it’s because she thinks i’m so gorgeous that it’s hard to look away.
hearing: “giving up the gun” by vampire weekend
tasting: my leftover spinach & mushroom omelet from dinner last night. the perfect friday brunch. πŸ™‚
smelling: um, the same omelet…
feeling: utterly fabulous. it’s a beautigorgeous day outside, and i’m about to leave to meet my mom & foxycleopatra (to the new readers i’ve recently acquired, that’s my sis. she insisted this be her “code name”) at the flowertown festival. definitely bringing both my film & digital cameras with. πŸ™‚
my sixth sense: i feel that this is going to be an amazing weekend, filled with fun and beauty.


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