a list (hey, it’s what i do best).

just a few thoughts for the day.

1.  ladies, if the LVs on your “Louis Vuitton bag” are upside down, it is a fake, and we all know it.

2.  i convinced the man sitting next to me in starbucks to buy a macbook. i love it when people ask me about my macbook, b/c i love to gush about it. he asked me tons of questions, and i answered them truthfully. he slapped his knee and said, “okay! you sold me!” with a big grin.

3.  speaking of starbucks, the dark cherry mocha is UH-MAY-ZING!

4.  the resin-coated photo paper at the school bookstore is twenty dollars more than on bhphoto.com. TWENTY DOLLARS! that’s quite a mark-up. i’m hoping the girl in my class that said she wanted to split a pack with me still wants to do so.

5.  it is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in good ol’ charleston, sc. sunny, 75 degrees, and there is a lovely strong breeze. i’m loving it.

enjoying the gorgeous day! (wow, look how long my hair has gotten! lol)

6.  i got my first penpal letter yesterday! it was from katie. i can’t wait to get more! i have to confess that i have not written any of my penpal letters, but i’m looking for some really cute stationery. i can’t seem to find any! i’m going to try the hallmark on my way home from class tonight.

7.  MY BEST FRIEND IS IN LABOR!!! she has gestational diabetes, and the other day when she went for an appointment they found that she also has preeclampsia. so they decided to induce her. the baby will be about 8.5 lbs and four weeks early. man, can you imagine how big he would’ve been if she’d gone full term?! i cannot wait to welcome my new little nephew. pics will definitely be posted as soon as i get them. 🙂



  1. Tiffany I don’t know how to say this, but your #1 is wrong. On a lot of LV they use one piece of leather so the LV is upside down on one side.
    See if you look closely at the speedy you can see on one side they are upside down. I have no idea how I knew this. Haha.
    Can’t wait to see baby pictures!!!

  2. i totally thought upside down lvs meant it was fake till katie googled it for me too. i was enjoying secretly laughing at people who had the bags with the upside down lvs. haha.

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