things i love sunday.

yes, i’m still sick. thought i was on my deathbed friday night. today i’m feeling a bit better, but my whole body’s still really sore/achy. at least i can keep food down, though. knock on wood. here are the things i love this week:

1. our new wii! i guess the hubster felt really bad for me yesterday, because i was bored beyond belief from just lying in the recliner all day long. plus, he gave me this dang virus! (well, he and foxycleopatra both, i suppose, b/c he got it at the same time she did.) anyway, he finally bought us a wii. we got the new super mario bros, which is super cool. it’s just like the old one but with a lot of enhancements and cool new things.

2. i love this necklace from just be designs on etsy.

3. look at this forever 21 storefront in tokyo! it’s really cool.

4. red velvet art‘s new spring line has some stuff that is oh-so-“holy cute!”

5. my heating pad has become my best friend over the past couple of days. 🙂

6. i am simply amazed by the bridal gowns from bridal bliss designs on etsy. my favorites are the lovely vintage-inspired ones, but there are also gorgeous modern gowns. and the most incredible part? the prices are (clockwise from top left) $598, $584, $587, and $620. where else are you going to get a beautiful, custom-made dress for a price like that?  if i weren’t already married, i’d definitely be shopping etsy for my wedding gown!

7. elizabethtown is such a good movie. directed by cameron crowe, it stars the likes of orlando bloom, kirsten dunst, susan sarandon, alec baldwin, and even the lovely & hilarious paula deen has a cameo. you should watch it. i might just have to watch it tomorrow…

8. letters! actual, honest-to-goodness, hand-written, snail mail letters! this is why i’ve joined a pen pal group over at get the words out. i’m so excited! i can’t wait to get a letter in the mail from someone awesome.

9. i bet i would feel tons better if i had this to lie on instead of the recliner…

10. exactly one month til we leave for disney world! i’m thankful that we all got sick *before* our trip. it would not be any fun to be sick or recuperating at disney world!



  1. Hi Tiffany!
    I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. That sounds awful! I found your blog via the pen pal list from Kellie and I am really excited to become pan pals. I love your blog so far and I can’t wait to get to know you.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Katie V.

    1. thanks so much! i’m feeling better. that was definitely a nasty virus, and it’s apparently spreading rapidly throughout charleston. yeesh. i’m so excited for this pen pal project! yay!

  2. oh no! i hope you feel better soon! (i was sick this past weekend…it totally sucked…until one of my youth told me i needed the time to curl up and watch chick flicks. it made it a little better!)
    i loooove elizabethtown, such a great movie.
    and that forever 21 makes me swoon!!!
    and one more random thing (haha!) so glad you signed up for the pen pal project–i am SOOO excited to really dive in.

    1. i’m feeling much better! 🙂 finally! i’m super excited to get the penpal project started too. i’m going out to buy some super cute stationery. lol

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