hair fun.

okay, i’m supposed to be doing housework & homework, but i had to share this silliness. (i asked willy for one of his adderall so i could focus, and he said i could take one, but i cannot find them, so alas, i have no focus. obviously.)

lately, i’ve been trying to have fun with my hair since it’s getting longer, and it’s not so cute just hanging there being boring. so i bought some jumbo hot rollers & have been experimenting with them all week. this is my favorite look from that:

i love fun curls. đŸ™‚

my hair is such a pain. it wants to be curly and therefore has all the not-so-nice qualities of curly hair, i.e. frizziness and acting all crazy if i let it air dry. really, i’d just like for it to be wavy. so last night i had the brilliant idea of putting it up in lots of little braids while it dried after my shower. we shall see if it works. in the meantime, i look like this:

just call me heidi...

actually, it’s not that bad in the picture! maybe i’ll start a new runway trend. ha.

listening to:  an eclectic mix. right now it’s my morning jacket, whom i absolutely cannot wait to see in april!!!


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