today’s goals.

1. finish writing paper. for my drawing class, i have to conjure up an alien and write an 800-word description. tomorrow, we’re trading papers and drawing each other’s aliens. it’s a weird assignment, but i understand why we have to do it. the art programs at my current school are focused more on graphic arts, illustration, & animation. in that type of job, you’ve got to be able to take someone’s words and turn them into their vision. i, however, am too lazy and selfish to make art according to other people’s tastes. just kidding. i realize artists must compromise their vision sometimes… anyway, i have to finish this freaking paper. i’m up to 323 words. ha.

2. fold all my laundry. this is quite the daunting task. i’ve got two loads that have been sitting in a basket for weeks, and i just washed two loads. sigh.

3. work on my visual diary for my photography class. we have a list of specific techniques we need to look for in magazine photographs. we’re supposed to cut them out & paste them in a book and write a short critique.

4. i *want* to work on my own art projects!! alas, an art student doesn’t have much time to work on the projects they really want to, i suppose.

and here is how i feel about of all of this nonsense:

and while i am accomplishing (hopefully) all of these tasks, i will be listening to bon iver. i made you a playlist so you can listen too. 🙂 

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

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