stupid homework.

what i should be doing:

stupid history homework. i have a quiz & paper due by midnight. sigh.

what i’m actually doing:

daydreaming with my textbook & notebook open. also admiring my sparkly zebra shoes. er…and blogging…

what i really want to be doing:

art on my own terms. i have *so* many cute ideas for paintings & other projects right now. (these words were cut out of felt & stuck onto a gessoed canvas. the gesso wouldn’t spread right, but it ended up looking really cool–like a whitewashed wood panel! i’ll have to get an up-close detail shot of it sometime.)

i completed a still life in drawing class today that i actually didn’t hate. our instructor wanders around the room and examines everybody’s work and techniques & gives advice & just talks to us about cool stuff (he’s a muso, like me!). his comments on my drawing progressed from “good” to “nice” to “very nice!” with an emphatic nod. 🙂  i’m excited to get my pine cone drawing back & see my grade…

oooookay. on to the homework. at least i’m finished with the french revolution and moving on to the industrial revolution. those french liberals were assholes, dude. viva la marie antoinette!

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