almost famous

almost famous is one of my most favorite movies ever. i love everything about it. especially the music. the 70s is definitely one of my favorite decades for music. the film is about a boy named william, who gets the chance to go on tour with one of his favorite bands, stillwater, and write an article for rolling stone about his experience. (of course, he’s a lot younger than the people at the magazine think he is.) he meets a slew of interesting characters on his journey, and learns so much more about life than he ever would sitting in a classroom. it has an amazing cast, including:
billy crudup as russell hammond:  “i am a golden god!”
jason lee as jeff bebe:  “it’s okay, i’m easy to forget! just leave me behind! i’m only the lead singer!”
kate hudson as penny lane:  “we are here because of the music. we inspire the music. we are band aids.”
frances mcdormand as elaine miller, william’s worrisome and hovering mother:  “don’t take drugs!”
zooey deschanel as william’s older sister: “one day, you’ll be cool.”
philip seymour hoffman as lester bangs, a radio personality:  “the only true currency in this bankrupt world…is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”
anna paquin, fairuza balk, bijou phillips as the legendary band aids:  “it’s all happening!”
and jimmy fallon as the band’s manager:  “if you think mick jagger will still be out there trying to be a rock star at age fifty, then you’re sadly, sadly mistaken.”
there are also some really big name musicians who make appearances in this movie from time to time, such as peter frampton and pete droge.
if you’ve never seen this movie, i highly recommend it. i’ve watched it 29872039 times, and i never tire of it. it makes me happy every time i watch it, and i learn new things each time as well.
so here’s  a lovely playlist of songs from the movie (i’m sure you’ll recognize most, if not all of them) and some pictures to give you a visual.
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