what am i doing today, you ask? (if you didn’t ask, i’m telling you anyway.) well, i’m feeling under the weather. i started feeling all icky on sunday. i woke up with a congested/runny nose and the icky smell/taste that comes with sinus drainage. i’ve had those same symptoms for the past few days, along with awful pressure in my sinuses, especially when i lie down. i was a trooper for most of the week and went to school, figuring it wasn’t bad enough to justify getting big fat “O”s on the two projects i had due this week (the art department has a “deadline-or-zero” policy). today, we were supposed to start a new project today, and i’m feeling really guilty about not being there for it. i need to email my drawing teacher and let him know the circumstances so he won’t be mad at me on monday. anyway, here’s what i’m doing today:

*feasting on the cupcakes and roast chicken i made yesterday. how does that saying go? feed a cold, starve a fever? well, i don’t have a fever. 😉

*watching TCM under the covers on the couch. ahhh, gene kelly. so handsome. coincidentally, one of my fave bloggers is also sick and doing the same thing. hee.

*not working out. i feel guilty about this too, especially b/c i haven’t worked out in a week. plus, it’s a really sunny day. but it’s also really cold.

*maybe doing some writing. and reading.

*drinking tea.

it would all be very divine and lovely if i wasn’t sick, but at least it’s comforting and warm. 🙂


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