look what i made!

i’m not sure if i blogged about this, but i know i mentioned it on both facebook and twitter. last week was my mamaw’s birthday, so i volunteered to make her birthday cake. she requested white (not to be confused with yellow!) cake with milk chocolate frosting. i wanted it to be sooo pretty. i decided to do two layers and make it all frilly & pretty & use pink candles. however, i was sick that morning and was rushing to get the cake done on time. i didn’t allow the cake to cool enough. hello, cakewreck.

it still tasted darn good, and everyone was pleased. besides, it was only whole for a little while before we cut it to pieces. 😉

on another note, i’ve been stressing, as you may remember, over the dreaded pine cone drawing assignment this week. last night, i took out the preliminary sketch we were supposed to practice with on monday. it was only about halfway finished. i put on some good music (coldplay’s album a rush of blood to the head, an album which i have neglected for a long time, but fell in love with again recently) and sat with my sketch and my charcoal and my pine cone, then i just went to it. and something clicked along the way. i was getting comfortable with it, thinking about things my drawing teacher had said (“NEVER tell yourself ‘no’ when it comes to art”–my fave thing he always says). so i felt much more confident going into class today. i showed my instructor my finished preliminary sketch. he gave me a couple of suggestions and told me to start on my actual drawing.

and, well, i actually surprised the HELL out of myself! i powered through it and figured it out in no time. the people at my table were complimenting me, and for once i said “thank you” instead of something like “really? i feel like there’s something wrong with it.” and for once, for ONCE, *i* was the one giving tips to my fellow drawers! what a good feeling. and then, i reached a goal that i set for myself in my first-level drawing class. I HAD A POSTER CHILD MOMENT. my drawing instructor smiled hugely and shook his head with a little chuckle. these are the mannerisms for which every student dreams, for this is what he does when he’s impressed with your work. and then, THEN, he asked me to hold my drawing up and used it as an example for the rest of the class! it was a little bit embarrassing, and i know that i was blushing, but on the inside i was jumping for absolute *joy*. i’m so proud of myself. 🙂  then, he said another one of his trademark remarks: “great job! now, don’t screw it up.”  haha.  so here’s my drawing. it still needs some contrast work and a lot of finessing, but i’m so, so happy with it. this is such a big step for me. i know that if *i* think it’s good, it’s got to be good. ha!

it was a very lovely day today (sunny and sixty degrees!), so after drawing class i went downtown to shoot another roll of film for my aperture project. i used the manual beast of a camera (the kind where you have to wind the film after each shot) that our friend alan loaned me, and i really liked using it. i’m excited to process the roll tomorrow night and see how it turned out.

i fell asleep when i got home and had a nice two-hour nap. now i’m sitting here watching mindless tv (something i don’t actually do very often at all) and eating some strawberry pocky. super yum. if you’ve never had pocky, you must go out now and pick some up. i buy mine at world market.

i’m also thinking of having some of the mexicocoa i also bought from world market last week. i might save that for tomorrow, since it’s going to be cloudy and cold again.

anyway, i hope everybody else had as great a day as i had today. if you didn’t go have a nice sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to have a fabulous tomorrow. ❤

p.s. am i the only person in the world who has no desire whatsoever to see dear john? i mean, i know it was filmed in charleston. and channing tatum is definitely one hot specimen of pretty. but i hate that chick that’s in it. she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. also, i hate nicholas sparks books, and the movies that are based on said books. i feel like nicholas sparks’s main goal in life is to make everybody cry, and i hate things that make me cry. so there.



  1. won’t be seeing dear john and won’t feel bad about it, although i do think amanda seyfreid is a cute girl and i love to see movies filmed in charleston.

    great job with the pinecone!


    i bet the cake tasted delightful!

  2. all you need is cakewrecks. i too do not want to see dear john or any other niksparks book turned movie. they make my head hurt and they make me sad, even if it’s a happy sad ending. nice job on the drawring.

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