advice in torrents.

i love advice. especially when it comes from people i love and/or admire. the best pieces of advice i’ve gotten from the past few days have all helped me to help myself be more centered. i’m trying, anyway. 😉  a sampling:

my mom, when i was nervous about today’s assignment of drawing a pine cone: don’t be nervous. just draw what you see. you’ll be fine. (it sounds so simple on paper, but sometimes you have to hear things like this…) p.s. i might not have been so nervous about this exercise if my drawing instructor hadn’t been hyping us up for it since drawing 1.

my aunt sharon when i wasn’t feeling well this morning due to nerves about the drawing assignment: it’s your perfectionist gene kicking the insides of your tummy. don’t worry about drawing–just do what you do there–and save your creative energies for the areas you naturally do well. like writing.

my aunt dede, after i posted a facebook status last week that was admittedly self-pitying:  did you have any guests at that pity party? don’t think of it as a setback. think of it as an opportunity to regroup, refocus, and aim higher!

my aunt pat, after that same facebook post:  ditto for me. besides, you’re a clemmons, and clemmonses don’t give up!

one of my best friends, chelsea: failure is a perfect opportunity to grow. don’t be critical of yourself, be critical of your work. (this is a hard distinction for me to make right now, but one i need to learn quickly if i expect to succeed at majoring in art!)

my friend mary, when i was upset about a meanie guy bashing my discussion post in my online history class: some people are too hard-headed to realize that everyone has different opinions and views. he’s just one of those people that, no matter how much you tell him people are different, will never see it. you can’t argue with stupidity.

my friend tamara, on the same subject: real adults may not agree with you at all times, but they are competent enough to value others’ opinions.

my uncle’s advice on the same situation cheered me up by making me laugh: you need to let them know that you have an uncle that can hurt them!

kid that sits across from me in drawing class: just don’t worry about it. (said with a big smile. of course, this is much easier said than done, but like i said, i’m trying!)

and lastly, but certainly not least, my drawing instructor’s advice this morning when nobody seemed to be very responsive:  the weekend doesn’t matter. leave the weekend behind you. it’s in your past, and nothing you did this weekend matters anymore. this was particularly eye-opening, because i had quite an emotional weekend, and i was feeling exhausted this morning. him saying that really helped me put things in perspective. 🙂

maybe one of these bits of advice will help you as you go about your week. i hope so!


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